Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday again!!! We did pretty well last week, the little boys talked Kurt into "spaghetti and ice cream" on Wed, so the ham steaks got pushed to Sunday--per Arielle's request =)
I'll be linking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie again, head over there for lots of ideas--the crock pot recipes are starting to pop up with the change of the weather!!
For us:

Monday: Kurt has fire so hot dogs and mac and cheese for us
Tuesday: Chicken Breasts, potato salad
Wednesday: BBQ's (the boys would eat these 9 days a week), fries, baked beans
Thursday: I have class--mooch night for 3 boys!
Friday: Pulled pork sammies, chips
Saturday: Kurt and I have a family wedding
Sunday: Classic fried chicken, mashed taters, corn, biscuits



Dee said...

I love the mooch day for the kiddos! Hehehe! And I was just wondering... but could I come over for dinner on Sunday? Wow! Sounds so yummie!

Take care!

Venomous Kate said...

Okay, you simply must share that 'Classic Fried Chicken' recipe!

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