Friday, September 24, 2010

Show us your Life--Home Tour, Master Bedroom

This week at Kellly's Korner, the home tour continues with Master Bedrooms, so here is ours. We love our room, it is huge. Our home was moved to this location in the 70's when the new library was built on campus. A garage was built at some point and our room is above that garage. It very comfortably fits our king-size bed and plenty of other furniture too. The dressers and nightstands once belonged to my Grandparents and the cedar chest was a high school graduation gift. I would love to find an armoire to house the TV and cable box stuff, but until then it's parked on the dresser. I didn't even attempt to straighten up Kurt's chest b/c he'd have all of those papers out again the very next day!!

Our house is a classic cape cod with the steep-pitched roof all along the front. Our closets are all along the North wall and inside they extend all the way back as the roof slants down. We can store LOTS (too much) of stuff in there! There's a cathedral ceiling too, not sure how much of that is apparent from the pictures!! Just ignore the things we tuck under the dressers or the dust you may see =)

The bedding is from Kohls, curtains and lamps from Target. The apothecary jars are either from Hobby Lobby or ones I made from Goodwill fixings. The wall of "T's" all came from Hobby Lobby as well as many of the photo frames.

Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to see everyone else's spaces!!!


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Adge said...

I love the wood on the ceiling

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