Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday and What NOT to Wear...

We're having a pretty laid back Sunday here. I ran a couple of errands and cut Kurt's hair, now it's study time (OB!) and the boys are playing nicely with legos. Paxton is s Lego FIEND!!! Far too often Beckett just plows through what Paxton is trying to build, but today Paxton builds and Beckett is playing with the results =)
Speaking of Beckett. The disclaimer is that HE DRESSED HIMSELF!!! He came in our room carrying the shirt today and said he wanted to wear it and I said fine. Then he asked if he could wear shorts (yes, it's only 35 degrees today, but he's not going anywhere--ESPECIALLY dressed like this, HA!) so I said OK. Egads, this is what he chose! He's pretty proud of it too......


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