Thursday, March 3, 2011

Truthful Thursday

An update, even if its not all sunshine and roses, ha!!
Finishing nursing school---never-ending. My fun pink backpack and all the treasures it holds mostly just mocks me since I feel every spare waking moment should be spent with me pulling things out of it, ugh. NCLEX-RN will be 7 letters I won't be sad to see disappear from my vocabulary!!
Sending cards: I can't believe how bad I am at this so far! They are all made, all I have to do is chose one, write it out and mail it and even that seems to be such a hurdle lately =(
Keeping my check register current: um, depends on your definition of current--HA! However, it doesn't even meet MY standard of current!!
Decluttering: this one is actually going well, although you'd doubt it to look at the corner of our bedroom at this very moment!!! I've done lots of listing on eBay and have sent a ton of items out =) Much more to do though!


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