Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trying to make lunchtime FUN!!

Beckett takes a lunch to school on the days he goes (he's never been subjected to the yuck the school calls "lunch"), but Paxton got a taste of it by mistake a while back and now he likes to do a school lunch instead of a home lunch, which I am not thrilled about. (Let me explain the mistake: one day they were lining up for lunch and he got in the school lunch line b/c he wasn't paying attention and had that instead of his home lunch and that's what he likes to do now).
I think school lunch is over-priced and disgusting. They rotate about 6 different items around disguised as something different--chicken tenders, chicken patties, chicken nuggets: all pieces of something supposedly resembling a chicken product. You get the idea. I try to make Beckett's lunches at least a little interesting--he likes to blog-hop with me as we peek at some VERY creative bento blogs. I've incorporated some of the things we've seen, but by NO MEANS have not accquired the accessories that are out there! There are a TON, trust me!
He liked the idea of the Goodbyn, and likes to help me pack it, but it won't fit into his Cars lunchbox, so sometimes he prefers the zip-loc divided containers that I have. The egg molds I think are so cool!!! You boil the eggs and before they cool you peel them and pop them in the molds. Drop them into icy water and they take on the shape of the car or fish. Hopefully he'll find hard-boiled eggs something to love =)
With any luck, Paxton will get excited by the lunches as well and swing back the other way for mid-day school nutrition!



Melissa said...

Okay, saw this today

and immediately thought of kids!! Maybe this could make a lunch time appearance. . . or at least give you a laugh!

Chris said...

Those egg molds are so cool!

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