Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, what a sad, sad day.....

In another era, I'd be wearing widow's weeds! Garnier Fructis makes (well, MADE) the absolute BEST styling product EVAH, but sadly they've "made the difficult decision to cease production of our water-based shine wax" (taken verbatim from the email they sent my in response to my inquiry of the product. I'd had a sinking feeling when I started not being able to find the little green cans at K-mart, then Wal-mart, Target and Walgreens. I would pick up a few whenever they were on sale, luckily, because the 16 cans I have in possession are likely to be the last ones I will have in my possession.
Oh, GF made the suggestion that I try some other product of theirs that THEY think will take the place of my beloved wax, but I'm not very hopeful based on looking at it in the stores. I love my chunks and am now on the hunt for something to make it happen!!



Melissa said...

Bummer! I hate it when they discontinue my fave product! Methinks they should have sent you some samples to make up for it!

tiff snedaker said...

That sucks. I like their hair stuff, it smells so yummy. They have some surfer hair stuff that holds really well in the boy's hair. Hope you find something to replace it until you run out of your 16 cans.

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