Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!!

Monday again!!! But its the first Monday of daylight savings time, so that makes it a GREAT Monday =) Time to list our weekly meal plan, last week went well--I did forget all about the start of lent, so we did a quick switch-a-roo where needed and got by just fine. I tried a new crockpot recipe that I snabbed by checking out some of the menus posted over at I'm an Organizing Junkie, where I'll be linking up again. This week we're all on Spring Break, except Kurt and I have to work of course, so things are only slightly different--HA! For us this week:
Monday: Boys have "Mooch Mondays" ingrained in their brains!
Tuesday: We'll punt, Kurt's gone & I'll be headed to my Mom's for taxes
Wednesday: Steaks, baked taters, corn
Thursday: Pork chops, a side of some sort, veggie
Friday: I bought (imitation) crab, will find some way to make it!
Saturday: Chicken fried cube steaks, mashed taters, veggie
Satuday: Chicken breast, not sure how I'll make them yet, sides


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