Thursday, March 17, 2011

Truthful Thursday

Continuing with the New Years resolutions!!!!
The cabinet that holds the "tupperware" (not all of it is the namebrand, house-party variety!) got attacked over the weekend. Not that it needed it--HA! Whose doesn't, really? I returned all sorts of zip-loc containers to my MIL, the good news, by doing so our chances of them finding their way back here with yummies in them has greatly improved!! I got all of the lunchbox items coralled together in the green bin on the top and the lids to all the containers are neatly lined up in the other green bin. I am happy to say that EVERY bottom in this cabinet has a matching lid that fits =)
I have my checkbook register caught up!!! Simple, easy-peasy task right? You'd sure think so. You'd also wonder why its so stinking hard for me to do then!
I've been leaving more comments on blogs! Especially bento-type blogs =)
Decluttering continues!!!! I have been taking bags of stuff out on a very regular basis---to my coworkers, the thrift store and I've got another tub of things ready to go to consignment. Go me!!


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