Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...

Trying something new, we'll see how long it "sticks". I came across a darling blog ( ) and each Wednesday she hosts a linky party for other bloggers to post what they wore, hence the title of the post! She started it as a way to "force" herself out of sweats and jammies and to put a little effort into getting ready for the day! While I don't typically leave the house for work in my jammies (I am fortunate enough to have my scrubs waiting for me at the office), a more presentable me could be had (you know, for any surprise lunch dates I might have the opportunity to accept, hint hint!) PLUS, I'll be able to track what I REALLY wear (so I can weed out the rest) and can also truly see what works on me and what doesn't. Because while I love my husband to death, he would never tell me yay or nay--HA!!! You'll see I relish the thrill of the bargain when I shop too!!! I obviously will have to get better at the self-photo shot and perhaps pick up the CRAP on the floor behind me when I shoot!!!
I will also have to play with loading the pics so the text that "goes" with them is put UNDER them individually!! Here goes:
On Monday:
Silver brand capris (consignment store)
Gap babydoll cami-top (Goodwill)
Cardi from Target
Black flats (consignment)
Boyfriend watch and ring from Target, hoop earrings from Kohl's

On Tuesday:
Black T-shirt from Target
Gray dress from Maurices
Black leggings from Maurices
Gray/black flats from Target
Earrings and ring from a local boutique

On Wednesday:
Gray tshirt with rosettes from Target
Gray cardi from Target
Lei jeans (consignment)
Same black flats and jewelry as Monday (got lazy!)


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Jodi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog; your on Cedar too! :) It's funny how most towns name their streets after trees. This is the second house that I have lived in which the street is named after a tree.

I Love Love your first outfit; so cute! :)


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