Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!!

Well, Spring Break is over, we're back from----oh wait, Spring Break wasn't a vacation get away for us! Oh well, it IS quieter around the house for poor Kurt, HA! We did pretty well with sticking to the menu last week, except for a snafu on Friday---WHOOPS! I'll be linking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie, as usual! The ideas that you can find over there are amazing. Really, if you're in a dinner-time rut and I'm not inspiring enough (sniff sniff), there are TONS of meals to look at and some talented ladies even provide recipes =) For us:
Monday: Class continues, but graduation does loom!
Tuesday: Chicken breasts (baked with Catalina dressing, cranberries and onion soup), rice, veggie
Wednesday: We'll see, might have a little gathering to attend--otherwise Kurt's in charge!
Thursday: Pork roast, roasted red potatos, veggie
Friday: Shrimp scampi over pasta, salad, bread
Saturday: Beef Stew, coleslaw, biscuits
Sunday: Turkey, stuffing, green beans

Things might get shuffled a bit, but I DO have a plan so that helps TONS!


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