Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning--Santa Came!!!

Parker came in at 7am to tell us that Santa had come =) He went in to tell the little boys--Paxton practically flew down the steps, but Beckett was harder to convince. They were able to get Arielle up and moving as well, so then it was time to check out the spread! Beckett was excited about every little thing he pulled out of his stocking and ran to show us all each hot wheel, his starbursts, etc. Kurt and I just get each other a few things "from the kids" and do a stocking, but otherwise we focus on the kids. Arielle got the 2 coats that she asked for, slippers, snowpants, a new lamp and more. Parker was thrilled with his new laptop! The goofnut thought for a while that his new driver cover was a puppet though!! Paxton found his asked-for glodoodle under the tree along with a Nintendo DS, games and carrying case, a new playset for his Thomas collection, playdoh, hot wheels track and more. Beckett unwrapped a Leapster 2 with games and a bag, the Fisher-Price Imaginenext firehouse, playdoh, a brio blocks set and more. Kurt got his GPS that was on his wish list along with the digital voice-recorder he'd hoped for. I wasn't forgotten either--my always appreciated gift card for Christopher & Banks was there, along with a new Willow Tree piece and more =)

Lots of smiling and happy faces this Xmas morning, so mission successful!!


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Sounds like everyone was very well behaved this year at your place!! Santa was generous!!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I was always the big sister who didn't want to get up yet, with a bunch of little brothers who couldn't wait! (They won!) Looks like Santa did a good job at your house!

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