Saturday, December 19, 2009

The rest of the story...

And now, part two of the story that was started a couple of days ago!

When my parents were married, in NJ, my Mom registered for china and received a beautiful service for 12--a classic white with silver trim and a pretty design around the edges. Fast forward to just a few years ago and my MIL had invited us to dinner and as a treat, was using some of her nice china that evening (MIL has 3 or 4 sets of china, all super pretty!). As she was pulling it out, I was looking at it--apparently with an odd look on my face because she asked me if something was wrong. I tapped a plate with my finger and said "this is my Mother's china". MIL said "what?" and I said "this is the same pattern as my Mom has!" The set we were speaking of had been FIL's mother's china, purchased at a local jewelry store here in WI and when Kurt's grandmother down-sized, the set came home with his parents.

Right then and there MIL announced that "Niki (my sister) can have your Mom's china and these will be yours!" Which may seem like a bold statement, but in actuality was incredibly astute because Niki has said for years that she gets Mom's china someday! A few months later, it was hand-delivered and found a home in my china cabinet. And I use it too!! I've decided it's a shame to park it behind glass and just look at it day after day =)

And NOW you know why I had my Mom come out to peek at the glassware before I snapped up the bargain of the season last week at Goodwill--she was for sure going to know if it complemented the china!!

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Nic said...

Thanks! And ps Love the Goodwill find. Josh found himself a pair of A&F jeans for 4 dollars and a couch and chair for the playroom for 60! Will for sure have to post pics soon =)

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