Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Goodwill SCORE!!!

On Saturday, while out running some errands, I was pulled into Goodwill--can't explain why, HA! Anyhow, I was cruising the housewares area and my eye spotted a group of pretty cut-glass stemmed glasses. A quick count came up with 12--exactly how many place settings I have of my good china (which is a GREAT story, I'll tell that one soon!) I looked over a bit and down a shelf, and there are MORE of these same glasses, only a smidge smaller in size. More counting and there are 14 of these! I bee-lined it back up front, grabbed a shopping basket and ran back to those beauties and started loading up! Then I called my Mom real quick and asked her to bee-bop out to where I was so I could get her opinion on them (this will make sense even more when I tell the aforementioned story). She thought they were gorgeous as well and told me to buy them all. She, myself and my MIL believe they COULD be crystal (we're no experts), but even if they aren't, I LURVE them! The price you ask? $1.69 per piece! They needed some up close and personal time with some soapy water, but they are now at home in my china cabinet and have even been used once so far!!!

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Melissa said...

AWESOME!! They are lovely!

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