Monday, December 21, 2009

Halfway There!!!

In April I finished my LPN portion of nursing school (which would take 1 year if I went full time, for me it was 2 years--actually 3 because I got some credits out of the way during the application/waiting list process!). On Vetran's day I did my NCLEX exam and passed with the computer shutting off after the absolute minimum number of questions--which can be a really BAD thing, or a really GOOD thing, turns out it was for good! And based on that (and paying lots of registration fees) the fine State deemed me fit to receive a license allowing me to work as a nurse. But I'm not--HA!


Sara said...

Good for you!!!!!

Nic said...

Way to go!! I've always wanted to be a nurse and work in L&D but the job as mom is great too. Thanks for the award! You too sweet!

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