Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sending Christmas Cards

Every year while growing up, my Mom sent picture Xmas cards. I remember getting dressed up in matching outfits (sometimes) that my Grandma had made and sitting for pictures that my Mom would take. Then send the film off to be developed, cross fingers that ONE of them would be acceptable for use as that years holiday card. Then pick the "best" of the bunch, mail the negative back in and then wait for the actual cards to arrive. MUCH different nowadays! I took my SD card out to Walmart, picked the card style I wanted, tapped the kiosk screen a few times and in an hour I could have as many cards as I needed!!)

But I digress! I myself have sent a photo holiday card each year as well and on Wednesday when we were snowed in I got them all addressed, sealed and stamped to be dropped into the mail for delievery to friends and family =) Luckily, the only "help" that came along was Beckett who wanted to blow out the candle (sealing wax--and those of you with extra bits of wax on the back of your envelopes, you'll know those are the ones he did)

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Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

We got ours yesterday!! Thank You!

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