Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

I'm linking up to Kelly's Korner (one of my favorite blogs!) for her weekly "Show us your Life" series. This week it's about baby names and how you chose what you did (or plan to for future babie, but that does NOT apply to us--HA!!) So here we go:

Arielle Treacie Marie: We did not know ahead of time that she was a she--Fortune knows that's what I was hoping for though!! I knew that I wanted uncommon though--not off the wall wacky that you'd have to constantly spell, but not so popular that she'd have to be known as "Brittney B." (Brittney was VERY popular that year!) Arielle was a name that I thought was very pretty. Treacie is a mix of Therese for my Mom and Tracy just because I like that name (in fact, when the business office came back to get the info for the birth certificate, we didn't even know HOW we were going to spell it yet!) Marie is my and my Mom's middle names.

Parker Henry Michael: As will all of the boys, we had prior knowledge about his gender! His Dad was pushing for Michael, I argued that it was too "plain" after having an Arielle. So then he mentioned Jordan and it clicked--he wanted to name him after a professional athlete! NO FLIPPING WAY was that happening!!! I came across Parker in a baby name book and HAD to have it. I knew of no Parker's and as with his sister, he is the only one in our district with that name (unlike Brandon--VERY popular in his age group!) Henry is his Dad's middle name and I did like Michael, just not as a first name!

Paxton Frederick Lincoln: He was tougher. Kurt liked Nicholas and I nixed that in a heartbeat--way too common (#4 on the list that year). He also liked Tristan, too much of a tongue-twister with our last name. Paxton was a name I mentioned first and it grew on Kurt. Frederick is for his Dad/Grandpa and Lincoln is because we are both history-lovers. No duplicated of Paxton either--unlike Aiden!!

Beckett Melvin Thomas: We had his middle names ready to go as soon as we knew it was a boy. Melvin is my Dad's name. When I was pregnant with Arielle, he thought Melvina would be a fabulous name (gotta love his sense of humor, right?!). After her came 6 grandsons. Each time he dropped the hint that Melvin would be a great name, yet in never happened. So when the tech at our amnio appointment said "it's a boy", I knew right away that Melvin had to work into the name lineup. Kurt agreed =) If either of the little boys had been girls they would have been Greer Annelise Grace--Grace was Kurt's grandmothers name. Sine that didn't happen, we were able to use Thomas, which was Grandma Grace's middle name. So ___________ Melvin Thomas was set. As far as Beckett, I had been drawn to it in a baby name book and LOVED it, yet hadn't said anything to Kurt about it. At one of our OB appointments (he always just met me there since I came from work and he was at home), he said he had been thinking about names and what was my thought on "Beckett"? Winner!! When the nurse came in to the exam room and asked how we were, I said "I think we just named the baby!" LOL!! And now not a week goes by when someone doesn't mention that Beckett is definately a mix of Melvin and Grace!!!! And the Aiden trend was still going strong when he came--dodged that bullet again!!


SurferWife said...

I love all of your kids' names. They're so creative.

Amanda Rooney said...

I just had to stop by because you said you had a Parker!!

And your on the "four" bandwagon!!

Love it!!

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