Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whistling Straits

Yesterday Parker had a golf meet in Kohler, home of the world-class golf course Whistling Straits (the PGA championship is being held there in August) and this doting Momma made the trip (3+ hours by car!) The forecast mentioned SNOW the night before, so we were planning on dressing WARM for the day (think winter Columbia coat, hat with ear flaps, more than one pair of gloves!) It was cold (like just over 40 degrees) wind gusts up to 25 mph and spitting rain off and on. Occasionally the sun would peek out and boy did it make a difference--for the positive, HA!!

He played the Irish Course--complete with over 500 bunkers and sand traps, the pictures above show just a handful of them. I'm happy to say that Parker only ended up in the sand twice yesterday =) He shot an 89, which is pretty incredible with the conditions that they played in. He parred 9 of the holes, 2 double bogeys, 2 ugly holes and the rest were bogeys. He's matured a lot in the span of a year--he's definately not a member of the "club-slammers" anymore, and its a joy to see!!

If you do any Google searches of Whistling Straits or Irish Course, you'll find all sorts of glowing comments about them (including the bathrooms that are burrowed into the hillsides and are outfitted with some of Kohler's finest products--which I did NOT take any photos of, but if you DO Google search, others have done so!!)

I shot over 120 pictures yesterday (the number would have been higher if I wasn't having to constantly having to pull my camera in and out of my coat!!) and am so glad I did--it is a course to remember and we've tried to impress upon Parker how COOL it is to play there at his age--and how well he's done there.

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