Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tech Ed Night

Last week Parker had an event that showcased what's been going on in his tech-ed class (actually, several schools were represented there). There were basic displays and some very complex one that were tied to computer programs designed by the kids. (Parker's was on the basic side!) The little boys and I went to admire his work (and take pics--HA!) Arielle went too, but perhaps it was more because her boyfriend had a project there too, LOL!
The little boys really enjoyed some of the projects, especially ones involving trains!
And yes, I realize that I have more pictures of the little boys at Parker's event than I do of Parker. Want to guess which subject is easier to shoot than the other. He complained that I had my camera with me (HELLO! HOW long have you known me?!) but I was most certainly NOT the only Momma with one =)

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