Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eastbound and Down...

Ah yes, an old "classic" from yesteryear has become a new favorite movie for the little boys. I bought Smokey and the Bandit for Kurt a little while ago and the boys have latched onto it like a Smokey on a donut (sorry, Honey). They will walk around the house belting out Jerry Reed's little ditty and Beckett will ask us for a dime because he has to go 10-100--insert eyeroll here for THAT one.
Last night Paxton recreated a scene from the flick, shared here with you, my tolerant readers--HA! Pixar doesn't make a black trans am, so you have to use your imagination that the green car in the lead is the Bandit, followed closely by a not-to-scale Hotwheel squad car =)

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