Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Well, last week I had the greatest of plans!! But, throw in Mother Nature with an attitude that caused havoc with the golf schedule and the boys with a craving for pancakes and my carefully laid out dinner planning ran amuck--HA! Could happen again this week, we'll see! I also had planned a meal for Sunday, forgetting we were doing Paxton's B-day party and I NEVER cook dinner on party days--we nosh all afternoon!! We're TRYING:
Monday: Class for me!
Tuesday: Roast beef with garlic slivers, mashed taters, gravy, beans
Wednesday: Continental Steak, baked taters, corn
Thursday: Golf--supposedly!
Friday: Chicken--probably roasted with potatoes and veggies
Saturday: Not planning anything concrete yet--HOPING to make it to golf
Sunday: Tilapia fillets, rice, veggie

Will be doing my usual link up!!

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