Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Got anything else?"

Whenever we go to my brothers house, Beckett RUNS for the little shopping cart that the boys have long ago outgrown (Eddie would love to get rid of it, but Michelle keeps it about just for Beckett). So for Christmas this past year, she got one for Beckett. And he uses it all the time.
The other night I was making dinner and he wanted the tomato paste that I had out for his "gwocewy" shopping cart. I said he couldn't have that but he could have THIS (the salt canister I had just emptied) He said "FANKS!" then, "got anything else?" And so it went, me looking for things for his shopping cart and him telling me thanks and asking what else I had.
His cart was HEAPING and he was still asking.
And then there's an interesting side story. The other night Parker had caught my flu and was feeling poopy. He requested tomato soup and tuna sammies. No problem, I ALWAYS have the makings for that. Or so I thought. No tuna =( After I "blamed" Kurt and Arielle for eating it all and not telling me, I broke the news to Parker. The next day Kurt tells me I DO have 4 cans of tuna. Right in Beckett's shopping cart....


SurferWife said...

AHHHAhaha! Beckett the food hoarder.

And WHY are there so many tubs of peanut butter? Is there something suspicios going on over there?

Chris said...

This post reminded me that I was supposed to get more peanut butter when I went shopping yesterday!!! Dang.

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