Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paxton's Birth Story....

Happy Birthday to our sweet Paxton! He turns 7 today, I just can't believe it =( Since I wasn't blogging when he was born, I'll post his birth story here today--because I remember it like it was yesterday--HA!!
We knew that Paxton was breech. He would do HUGE half and full gainers in my belly and I remember driving to an OB appointment at about 20 weeks and he did one of those earth-moving flips into a head-up position and at that appointment I asked our MD when he was going to stay put. The answer was "any time now". And he was right, because he never did another flip again--stayed breech. As time went on, we had to start discussing our options about what to do with the little bugger. Our MD was quite certain that turning him (or external cephalic version) was worth a try, and so after MUCH thought and discussion between us, we decided to give it a shot. The odds were against us--MOST versions are unsuccessful and those that are, MOST babies turn back to breech. We were able to get him into a head down position and he did in fact stay there. They like to do this procedure at about 36 weeks--there is still a little wiggle room at this point AND if something happened, delivery would be fine.
Fast forward 5 weeks from then and I was still pregnant. We had an OB appointment at 41.1 weeks and he said all looked good, we could let him go another week, or schedule an induction. This big ol' Momma opted for the induction!!! We set it up for the very next day =) We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 7am--we were running a bit behind because it was important to me to have shaved legs--and that's not easy to accomplish at this stage of a pregnancy, LOL!! We got checked in, monitored and started up that pitocin. We clicked along pretty smoothly until about 4pm--the contractions were pretty strong and they hurt. I hadn't had an epidural when delivering the older kids (I did have one when he was turned--my first!) and at this point I did ask for one. The anesthetist usually working at our hospital was on vacation, so the one covering from the nearest hospital had to come. They had checked me when I requested the epi and I was 4 cm dialated. Well, lots happened while waiting for our CRNA to arrive.
When he got there he said "I can see how much pain you're in, lets get this going and we'll worry about the paperwork when I'm done." He asked if I had any allergies and he got to work. After he was done and we were finishing the paperwork, I was still squirming and concentrating on breathing. He said "are you still feeling those?" When I said yes, he said "you really shouldn't be. I bet you're more than a 4". The staff was readying the room for delivery and my MD had arrived. I was still visibly uncomfortable and he said again: "someone should check her, I don't think she's a 4 anymore!" My MD dove in and announced that I was at 10!! So in the 20-25 minutes it took for Dave to arrive, I dilated 6 cm!! I hastily scrawled my name on the epi consent and we got to pushing!!
I pushed just a few times and my MD said "you need to push now" and I said, "but I'm not having a contraction now!" He said "push without one, we need to get him out" So I did =) I pushed about a dozen times and out came Paxton. All the nurses kept saying "he's so big"!, "holy cow, look how big he is!!" I said to my MD "he's not THAT big is he?!" He nodded and said, he's a big boy!! I asked how big?! He went over to the warming crib thing, picked him up and said "I'd say 9# 6oz" and as he handed him back to the nurse he told her "quick, weigh him b/4 he pees!!" I remember saying "NO WAY!" and then the nurse says "9# 13.5oz"!! Egads! I pushed that bucket head out basically without the benfit of an epidural!!
And that was Paxton's arrival. Kurt said later "he looked pretty big to me, but I was the least experienced one in the room, what did I know?!"
And because I was sick last night and still don't feel 100%, I am too pooped to scan in any newborn photos of our little dimple face, so you get more birthday party pics--HA!!

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