Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Golf

That's what it seems like lately anyway!! Parker had some early rain/lightening-outs and with reschedules, sometimes he had matches 3 days a week! We're starting to wind down now though--today is the conference meet (they've already won the conference championship, so this is more to decide which teams will move onto the Regional round next week). In honor of that, here are some pictures of the little boys swinging their own clubs last night


Chris said...

I totally feel your pain LOL! GL to Parker today :o)

Allyson said...

What great form they have! I wish someone had started me on golf at that age. I started playing tennis around age 10 and basketball around age 8, but golf is one of those lifetime sports. Plus, we now live on the first hole of the base golf course. A little skill would be really handy right now. Cute pics! Thanks for sharing!!

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