Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All-School Reunion

I went to a small (ie: 300 students) high school, literally in the middle of a cornfield--HA! WAY BACK when I was in grade school, there were 5 small towns/villages in close proximity to each other and each one had it's own 1-8 grade school. Once you reached high-school, all 5 grade schools came together to attend a centrally-located high school. (Now there is a central grade school as well, but that came long after I had graduated). Anyway, this past weekend they celebrated 50 years of being a combined district and had a whole weekend of activities planned--they opened the time capsule that had been buried, the homecoming football game and an all-school reunion on Saturday. I went to the game on Friday night with my girlfriend from grade-school on and her husband--her HS sweetheart actually so I've known him for a long time too. We saw lots of people that I've not seen in a LONG time and had a wonderful time. Inside of the school they had different classrooms set up with memorabilia from the past 50 years and we laughed at the sports uniforms, remembered wearing the HOT wool and leather band uniforms and I saw my forensics score sheets from 25+ years ago!!!


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