Friday, October 22, 2010

Show us your Life--Home Tour, "Nursery"

Note the quotes--HA! We've outgrown nurseries here, but that's whats on the tour over at Kelly's so we're doing the best we can =) Actually, I'll spread this out over the weekend since I have 3 boys rooms to display!! First up I'll do Parker's room. I've showed bits and pieces over a few other posts, but since we're linking up, you get to see it again =) His bed and nightstand were actually my Mom's many years ago! Obviously, he's got a little love for the game of golf. He's got logo golf balls from courses that he's played displayed over his bed (minus a few since he's been known to forget to buy a ball when he's on a new course sometimes!!), his varsity letter with medals on another wall, golf ball-shaped photo frames and metal golf sculptures on a shelf and a complete set of clubs hanging on another wall! The window toppers are "threaded" onto golf clubs as well. The "stuff" kind of hodgepodge on his bookshelf and nightstand are the accroutaments of a 16 year old boy!!

Thanks for peeking---Paxton and Beckett's rooms will follow!



Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm really digging the golf "art". I love when you can decorate with equipment or instruments that you already own. If my husband had his way we would be displaying our camping gear as home decor.

SurferWife said...

Clearly the room of a golfer!!

Miranda said...

THIS IS SOOO CUTE! My husband would seriously steal this room..LOL! He is obsessed with golf.. so perfect!

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