Friday, October 1, 2010

Show us your Life--Home Tour, Dining Room

It's Friday again--time for Kelly to host another bloghop that continues the home tours! This week we are peeking into dining rooms so this is ours =)

We love our table set--it's very "farmhouse-ish" which works with our home style. We do need to look into finding a replacement chair or two, Beckett has been a little rough on them!! The red color was a decision I pondered for a bit, but I really like it. The french doors are on the South wall and there are big openings on 2 other walls, so it doesn't seem dark at all. The built-in corner china cabinet holds all of our pieces of "good stuff". We had the former owners leave the big wooden piece when they moved out and it is perfect for displaying photos, my cookbooks are there and underneath the boys games fit in there out of sight! The bar area was a gift to Kurt for Valentine's day one year--makes you think we're big cocktail type of people, right? Yah, we're not--HA! It stores what we do have nicely though!

We eat here most nights, unless school stuff has taken over, which sadly DOES happen here!

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Maryann said...

how pretty, great wall color!

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