Friday, October 29, 2010


We don't always carve pumpkins for Halloween. There is a large college student population near our home and jack o'lanterns do not always survive long term on our porch! This year though, the neighborhood is a pretty "tame" group of kids, so Arielle took a chance and purchased 2 big pumpkins for the boys to carve. Kind of.

She cut the tops off and I think they each took one handful of the "guts" out before they declared themselves DONE--HA! Arielle and I finished scooping, the boys picked out the patterns they wanted to use, she transferred them onto the pumpkins, Beckett broke one of the "knives" meant to cut out the pieces, she and I took turns carving, I separated out the seeds to roast for Arielle and the boys came back in time for pictures! Pretty much how we figured it would go =)



Melissa said...

lol! I carved a pumpkin this morning 'with' 5 girls 2 and under. They were mostly completely oblivious to the whole process! I hope yours survive the weekend!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Well, ya gotta start somewhere, yes? With my young grandkids, I've just been using markers to color on the pumpkins. Carving will come later. Or their parents will do it. :-)

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