Saturday, October 23, 2010

Show us your Life--Home Tour Kids Rooms

This is part 2 of my Home Tour of Nurseries/Kids' Rooms as hosted by Kelly in her weekly blog-hopping linky party! I can't fit a million pictures into a post (even though I've been directed HOW to do that, just need to DO it!) We're just moving on down the hall to Paxton's room. The 2 little boys shared a room until recently when Arielle moved to an apartment and Paxton moved in. I still have work to do in there, some of it I know exactly how it will be, the rest--not so much!

I did the board and batten project all by myself =) If you look closely, you can see how I need to get that final trim piece up at the top!! He also needs more on the walls than just his name above his bed--HA! The train table is a pivotal piece since he is our little train junkie! (although, truth be told, most of the time he hauls the bulk of it down to the living room and sets up elaborate pathways for us to walk over!) I KNEW I wanted chocolate and white for the walls and then went bedding shopping--you know, the exact opposite of how you're supposed to do it! But it worked out, I found the bedding at Kohl's and NOW see that there are matching curtains too--still thinking about switching those out. He loves his new room =)



SurferWife said...

Hold up. Arielle moved into her own place. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? She was like 14 when I first 'knew' her.

Sonya said...

It turned out really cute!

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