Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beckett turns 5!!!

FIVE years old, I can hardly believe it! FIVE years ago today, we went to the hospital to meet our last little one. It was going to be a 90+ degree day (practically unheard of in Wisconsin on an October day!), and actually every birthday party until now we've been able to be out on the deck enjoying some sunshine.

Beckett came bouncing in our room this morning announcing "today it is my birthday because it's not tomorrow anymore!!!" Can't argue with that =)

He had a great time opening gifts, with Paxton right on top of him to fill in just in case a paper cut took him out or something. Some of the FP Imaginext toys came in bulletproof packaging, luckily there were 4 sets of able-bodied hands sitting on the couch just looking for something to do--HA!! Beckett got wonderful gifts and spent a great afternoon with family--just the best way to turn 5!


1 comment:

gail said...

happy birthday Beckett! :)

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