Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary--a couple of days late

This WAS really taken ON our anniversary, but I just now got the picture downloaded--sorry! We were married on New Years Eve (Kurt says it's so he'd never forget the date, but maybe it was so we could combine 2 nights out for dinner into one--HA!) in Galena and we tend to go back there each year to celebrate. We mix up where we actually go to eat though. This year we tried a new restaurant and it was OK not great, but the company was FAB!! And then it turned out that my parents and family friends were eating about a block and a half away at one of our favorite places, so we walked up there in the FREEZING cold weather for an after-dinner drink and that's where we finally had our picture taken. I have a million reasons as to why I look so bad in it too, but won't bore you with those =)

MANY thanks for all of the sweet anniversary wishes we received!!!

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Melissa said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary!

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