Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Last week was my first time participating in this group, and I have to say--I did quite well =) I flip-flopped a couple of meals, but we did indeed have everything on the menu and the only thing we needed from the store was salad for the Ravioli bake (and even that paid off because I had a $3 off next purchase store coupon that I got when I did shopping for last weeks menu!)I did try one new recipe last week which was a hit, so score me up TWO points, HA! Below is our menu for the week, if you go to to find TONS more!!
Monday: Beanies and Weenies (Kurt has fire)
Tuesday: Salmon, rice, veggie
Wednesday: Ham steaks, sweet potatoes, veggie
Thursday: Breakfast for Supper: eggs, waffles, bacon, etc
Friday: Fried Chicken, mashed taters & gravy, corn, biscuits
Saturday: Lasanga, salad, garlic bread
Sunday: Hamburger Pie

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Wendy said...

I really need to do this..just seems I never have all the ingredients and no one wants to eat what I cook! LOL!! If it's not hamburger helper, spaghetti or chicken nuggets I am out of luck!

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