Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie Date!

OK, date with a couple of off-spring along for the ride--but that was obvious by the choice of flick, right? For the second movie in a row, we got a later start than we intended (bundling up takes TIME people, even with Paxton helping Beckett along!!) and got "great" seats (smell the sarcasm) right down in the front row. The boys don't mind, but Kurt and I prefer a view that doesn't include counting the nasal hairs of the characters on the screen! Beckett hardly talked at all (that's huge) and instead munched steadily on his popcorn--just check that lap, HA!

1 comment:

Allyson said...

oh bless your heart...the Chipmunks just make my ears bleed. But at least it was quality time with the family and the kiddos weren't begging to leave 20 minutes in. I'd say that's success!

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