Sunday, January 31, 2010

Building a better mousetrap?!

Is it even possible to improve on Hasbro's 1963 invention? Nah, probably not!! (however, Parker DID notice that the board graphics had changed from the version that he and Arielle played several years ago!) Santa brought Paxton this classic game and we christened it the other night with an exciting round. Beckett was mostly interested in turning that crank to kick the boot. Paxton just got giddy watching each piece fall into place. And Parker was in charge of dispensing each piece as needed. Although we didn't stay true to all of the printed directions, we had a ball and that's all that counts, right?!


Nic said...

FUN! I had that game when I was a kid!

Allyson said...

I thought I was familiar with all things board game-related...but I've never seen/heard this game...HOW can that be?? I bet they're Legos-crazed too, yes?

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