Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fast, Fun and Frugal Scarf Project!

Say THAT 3 times fast--HA!! I TOTALLY got the idea for these darling scarves from one of the blogs I follow--she's listed on my blogroll to the right, Make it and Love it. I've had so much trouble making links within my posts lately =( Besides, you cannot just look at ONE of her projects, this gal has some seriously cool ideas. Especially for little girls =)
I bought this fabric when Arielle and I made that ill-fated trip to Hobby Lobby and whipped them up later that week, they REALLY work up fast!! Again, if you can sew straight lines, you can do this! Ashley does the step by step tutorial on how to put this little lovely together, so drool all over mine, wipe your chin and then go check out her blog!!

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Melissa said...

I just sent my friend an e mail about getting together to make these exact scarves. I'm so excited!! I also have a friend who made a really easy and fun fleece one...If that one works out, I'll post it. It's supah-easy!

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