Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!

As in my parents! They've been married 9 months longer than I've been alive--HA! Dad was in the Army and stationed in Washington DC, Mom was working for the FBI (during J. Edgar Hoovers tenure--who knew they liked to dress alike?) when they met. Married 7 months later, hows that for moving quickly? The city girl came to live a more rural life and here we all are to show for it =)
Kurt and I--and a couple of tax deductions, took them to a Supper Club (big in Wisconsin, folks--Google it!) for dinner. As you can see, the little boys took their meal selection quite seriously...

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Allyson said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!! I love a love story! The still look so blissfully happy. HOW do they do it? You need to write a post on that...your parents' secret to a long and successful marriage (although, not THAT long because you're obviously about 35, right)?

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