Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bathroom Before and After

We've been in our house for 9 years now. NINE! I LOVE 97% of the things about our house--things that can't be changed: it's only a one car garage, the basement is really not finishable--those are the biggies. Anything else COULD be changed given an endless budget and timeframe, HA!
Our home is a post-war Cape-Cod style home that is way bigger than you'd imagine from viewing it from the street (if I had a dime for everytime I heard that, there'd be no mortgage!) One of the "charms" from that era was/is our upstairs bathroom. It has, I believe, the orginal flooring in place--I can't even tell you WHAT it is, it's not standard linoleum or tile and its a grayish-black with specks of pink, white and gray. The tub is not original, nor is the "wood" vanity that currently resides in there. BUT, me thinks that the pink PLASTIC "marbled" tile that covered the lower half of the walls is vintage. And it's not my style. At all. I love me some pink, but not in the plastic bathroom tile way.
My mini-makeover started with me not being able to stand that vanity any longer. I knew I wanted to paint it black, or darn close to black. That meant a trip to Menards for the proper supplies. While waiting for a friendly clerk to help me, I pulled a couple of paint chip cards and formulated the plan to kiss the pink goodbye. After a lovely chat with Steve, I came away with what I needed to make it happen. Before and after pics appear above!!
Can I just say: I. Love. It. My husband doesn't miss the pink. The kids don't miss the pink. What pink? Yeah, that's right!!! I still need to paint the ceiling and accesorize, but I wanted to jump on the Transformation Thursday bandwagon over at =)

3 comments: said...

huh what? You painted the tile? so cool!
great job!
ps you didn't add the link to transformation thursday.

very strange captcha

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Goodbye, pink! Wouldn't have known you could paint that stuff, but how nice that you can!

Chris said...

Wow, that was some pretty bright pink in there - the gray looks SO much better. So do you get to go shopping for a new shower curtain and other accessories now?

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