Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Parker!!

My oldest baby boy turned 16 today. SIXTEEN!!! He started out as my little glo-worm and has grown into such a funny, fun-loving, LOVING young man. And tall. He's getting SO tall. (his dad is 6' 4" so this isn't a total surprise to me, but he REALLY seemed to shoot up over the course of this school year. I'm so thankful that it's shorts season now--HA!) So as with Paxton, I will share his birth story. Since I wasn't blogging WAY back then and reading stories like this is something I LOVE, ya'll get to partake in a small way!!
Parker came just a little earlier than his due date (the only one to do so on his own!) I had been having mild-moderate contractions for a couple of days and finally told my Dr "either make it stop, or get it going for real!" and since we were just a week away from his expected time of arrival, he opted to admit us and start the ol' magical Pitocin. We came in at about 3pm and all of the LDR rooms were filled with other Momma's (we utilize a smaller, local hospital that could "max out" with just a few babies!) so we had to wait a bit while they did some shuffling of people but eventually got to our room to do the hard part!!!
The labor wasn't "too bad", and once again, I did not have an epidural--yes, even with Pitocin!! At about 4:30 they came into check my progress and told me I was at 4cm. Once they did that, I had to make a potty trip and while in there had a TREMENDOUS couple of contractions. Impressive enough in nature that they checked again and said we were at a 10!!!! They called in my Dr and started to break down the bed. He arrived and the pushing began. As with Arielle, I only pushed a few times, and out came my smallest baby ever at 7 pounds and 6 ounces!!!
He nursed like a champ and as it was the days of "drive by deliveries" (say what you want about the Clinton administration, but he put an end to only a 24 hour hospital stay for a vaginal delievery and 48 for a c-section!!) Parker was showing signs of jaundice and our Dr wanted us to stay an additional day, but the insurance company said, "no way, home they go!!" We came home on Friday, on Saturday he woke up from a nap and his eyes were as yellow as you could ever imagine. They started him on a home bili-blanket and on Sunday he was worse. MUCH worse. To the point that he was re-admitted to the hosptial. The admitting physician told us that I had to stop breastfeeding him immediatly and begin feeding him formula. I absolutly REFUSED that piece of wholly worthless advice!!!! The jaundice needs to be flushed out of a newborn and that is done by him pooping it out. NOTHIHG goes through a baby faster than breastmilk! It STILL infuriates me to. this. day that new Mothers are given this outdated and horrible advice!!! The admitting Dr was NOT happy that I disregarded his medical opinion, advise, BS, whatever you'd like to call it, but left us alone in that area.
My Dr came in for rounds on Monday am and my first words were "I don't know if you heard" and his were "oh yes, you are the talk of the hospital"! Parker stayed for 4 more days, was discharged and his numbers climbed again =( The bili-blanket came back and we were able to avoid another hospitalization. My Dr said over and over again that if we had just been allowed to stay ONE extra day, all of this most likely would have been avoided!!!
So that is Parker's foray into the world in a nutshell. We are having his party tomorrow night and Flashback Friday will include some "old" pics of my oldest baby boy!!!

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