Saturday, July 31, 2010

School Prep for Beckett

Yes, you read that right--BECKETT!! He's off to 4K in the Fall, Daddy is ADAMENT about that, HA!! It's so hard to believe that it is here already =(
He got his teacher assignment a couple of weeks ago, along with his little supply list, so off he and I went to Dubuque to get it done. He picked out his backpack with a little guidance from Mom (NO characters!!), his lunchbox and ice pack, and folder. The rest were pretty specific items, so those just got tossed into the cart!
After finishing at Target, he chose Culver's for "wunch" (he was jonesing for Wendy's at first, but did the ol' switcharoo at the stoplights with Momma in the wrong lane for that!!) In the end, it totally wiped him out and he slept all the way back home.


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