Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rant Resolved!

Remember my perpetually flooding planters? Because there was no way for the water to drain? Yeah, I have to admit that PART of the problem could be attributed to me--the green ones from Kmart had a plug over the drain hole (still wonder why) and once that was removed....
The other ones (which there were more of, of course!) were a different matter. On the day of Parker's B-day dinner, my Mom decided that a big nail and a growing 16 year old boy wielding a hammer could solve the problem. Um, not so much!! Enter Grandpa with a power drill!! He put a few holes in the bottom of each one and boy did the water flow!
Paxton supervised the operation, from a safe distance. PLEASE don't aske me about the need for a winter jacket on a July evening. I can tell you about Beckett wearing his--it's because his "brudder" is =)


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