Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Summer home away from home

The pool, baby---the POOL!!! The boys and I are up here practically whenever possible =) We're fortunate enough to have a very nice "aquatic center" here where we live. There is a zero-entry all along one side, a big slide, lap lanes, a kiddy play area, diving area and tons of space to sit or play in any depth water that you like. When the boys were smaller they were content to splash by me in a few inches of water, now Momma still hangs out there while they venture out a little farther.
Arielle has gone with us the last few times and even does the slide with Paxton or splashes with Beckett. Parker has a summer job there so we see him plenty too--HA!
It has been hot enough that instead of one big break in the middle of the afternoon, they've been doing several shorter breaks which means lots of photo ops =)

1 comment: said...

looks cool and refreshing! It's been HOT here.


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