Sunday, July 25, 2010

PGA Tour

Ok, it was the JR tour, but a PGA tournament event nonetheless! Pretty hard to not participate in a PGA event in your own backyard, right?
Between Thursday night and Saturday morning we were the lucky recipients of 7+ inches of rain and not all of it has found a place to go yet. On #8, your tee shot needs to avoid the water fountain/hazard to the right. Parker steered clear of that like an expert. However, a Mother Nature made hazard was another story. Since he didn't clear the low area of the fairway, he had a ball sitting in an impressive puddle of water. I SHOULD have switched my camera to the "sports" setting, but liked what I did get. I asked Parker to come back to #8 with me when he was done so I could re-do it and he not-so-politely declined =)


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