Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parker's Birthday Party

VERY low-key this year. It's just getting hard to do the Sunday afternoon "bashes" as the big kids get older--with Parker's 2 jobs and life of golf, it's darn near impossible!! He picked his birthday meal (Olive Garden's salad and breadsticks) and I filled in the gaps with spaghetti and cavatini with DQ ice cream cake to finish. Kurt's mom made the salad and it was bang on! My mom provided the breadsticks, YUMMO.
Birthday boy had asked for a golf umbrella, golf ball "scooper-out-of-the-water-thingy" and a little umbrella for his clubs--all of which he received. They went nicely with the gas cards, CD holder, sunshades and KEYS to the car he will be considering "his". Luckily Grandpa was manning a camera as well so there are pictures of Parker leaping up to hug his Momma =) (Kurt and I purchased a "new" car for the family and rather than trade the Alero I've been driving, we kept it in order to make life easier, HA!!) Now, to pass that driver's test!!!


Allyson said...

Oh Parker got a car for his 16th birthday!!! I bet he was THRILLED!!! Even though I was driving a 1984 Ford F-150 pick up truck when I turned 16, I never thought twice about it. It was great just to have wheels! Happy Birthday, Parker and good luck on the test!

Chris said...

You can tell how excited he was by that huge grin! GL on the driving test!

Chris said...

You can tell how thrilled he was by that huge grin! GL on the driving test! said...

Not sure if you will see this comment, since it's on an old post. Paint it girl! :) That fireplace surround that is.

yay for parker btw! :)


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